Our Menu
Earthfood appetizers

The variation of foire Gras:
torchon with tonca bean and seared escalope 22,00€

The Tasting of "Mario” products.
Salami, flat bacon and marinated lard.
The course is served with a small homemade "Giardiniera" 17,00€ - 12,00€

The “Carletti” tasting
Culatello and Coppa with two years of seasoning, accompanied by zucchini and rosemary focaccia. 25,00€- 19,00€

The local beed "scottona" tartare, knife cutted
with black truffie from Valtenesi, marinated egg yolk and black cool. 19,00€ - 14,00€

Seafood appetizers

The Carousel of raw fish and crustaceans of the Mediterranean Sea
a journey through textures and flavors 38,00€

(The fish, before being served is subject to a health treatment with the abatement D.L 92 REG CE 853/2004)

In combination we recommend the Gin Tonic, made with Gin italian EVO and mediterranean Tonic

The "Armanini" trout from Ledro valley
marinated and smoked by us with cabbage in cevice and fermented lemon 17,00€ - 12,00€

Tentacle of Octopus and the Mediterranean Squid
Served crisp, with crusched potato, Gargano caper fiower and green souce 19,00€ - 15,00€

For the sweet tooth, the three types of caviar selected by us by the commpany "Penseri"
Acipenser boerii 10 gr 25,00€
Acipenser boerii 30 gr 75,00€
Acipenser trasmontanus 10 gr 30,00€
Acipenser trasmontanus 30 gr 90,00€
Acipenser huso-huso 10 gr 60,00€

First courses of our tradition

Mantovana pumpink cream
With blown hemp seeds and smoked oil 13,00€ - 9,00€

Homemade small Ravioli
Stuffed with braised beef, served in broth 16,00€ - 11,00€

Pressed “strangolapreti” gnocchi
with spinach, smoked ricotta , spilled butter and parmesan. 15,00€ - 10,00€

The Homemade tagliatelle
with civet of white Partridge accompanied by the black truffie. 19,00€ - 15,00€

First courses - seafood

Bottoni fresh pasta, homemade
Stuffed with smoked burrata, soutèed with the dried Sardinian lake. 16,00€ - 11,00€

The selection Verrigni rice, creamed in Franciacorta Brut of Gatti
with sea urchins, oysters and cuttlefish ink powder. ( Min 2 people)

Verrigni's spaghetti, drawn in gold
with clams of the Adriatic unshelled served with herb ortichokes (minimum for 2 people). 18,00€ - 13,00€

Main courses - meat

Pork belly, crunchy
with diavola souce and stewed cabbage 22,00€ - 17,00€

Sirloin of Cervo, escaloped
with potato bowl and souteed field herbs 26,00€

Sovel confit Guinea fowl
With mountain mashed potatoes, smoked and stuffed artichoke 23,00€

Main courses - seafood of the cold northern sea

Slice of pike perch
in Gardesana tanning. 22,00€

Scalded scallops
served with cream of Jerusalem artichokes and truffies 24,00€

Caught whole fishe
cooked at 300°C with olive oil and vegetable sauce € 6.00 per pound


The ice cream made by us 6,00€

Our sorbet Served with the "Sechuan Button" (From the curare fiower. The "natural botulinum") 5,00€

Yellow ... the Lemon of Garda candied by us stuffed with its sorbet 7,00€

Apple, the pastry with ancient grains and the fruit of passion. 9,00€.

The tiramisù in my own way. 9,00€.

The vase of the ‘pastisèr’. 11,00€
Creamy dark chocolate, crunchy and... the No. 1 oil of Comincioli

And for the curious ...

At the discretion of the chef a tasting of our dishes, consisting of:

4 land-based dishes - ad. 65€

4 fresh water fish-based dishes - ad. 80€

Both tastings are meant for the whole table.