Our Menu
Earthfood appetizers

Our foie gras variation
- tonka bean torchon with brioches and rhubarb; Dark and hazelnut tango 23,00€

The culatello of the Az. Agr. Malintesa dei Soarza, from Villanova sull'Arda.
Breeding under organic regime of pigs belonging to native breeds such as Nero di Parma
Seasoned in natural environments for a good 36 months, accompanied with our zucchini in Garda oil. 27,00€ - 21,00€

Local Scottona beef tartare
Culatello and Coppa with two years of seasoning, accompanied by zucchini and rosemary focaccia. 25,00€- 19,00€

The local beed "scottona" tartare, knife cutted
Knife cutted, with marinated egg yolk.
We serve it with Comincioli's “Oil Game”: Leccino, Terrae, Casaliva, Numero Uno. Oil pairing is by you, to discover the diversity of the various tastes.19,00€

The Queen of the woods
From Franciacorta, snails!
Cannoli of snails with spinach; Skewer of smoked snails and spices17,00€

Seafood appetizers

The carousel of raw fish and crustaceans..
Eight pairings designed to transport you on a journey between consistencies and flavors. 43,00€

The fish, before being served, is subjected to a health treatment with abatement. D.L. 92; REG CE 853/2004

In combination we recommend the Gin Tonic. Italian Gin EVO, pepper, rosemary, orange, lemon and Mediterranean tonic perfume.

From our Mediterranean Sea the tentacle of Octopus* and the Squid*
Both served crunchy, marrying the taste of baked pumpkin and turmeric and lime mayonnaise. 19,00€ - 15,00€

The Fario trout of our Valleys
We offer it demi-cuit, smoked and marinated by us, with Garda sauce and mashed mountain potatoes. 17,00€ - 12,00€

First courses

Homemade ravioli
Stuffed with braised beef, served with the classic beef and chicken broth. 17,00€ - 11,00€

The “pressed” strangolapreti with spinach and smoked ricotta, truffle and saba
First grilled and then steamed to keep all their taste.
Served with noisette butter and Parmesan. 17,00€ - 11,00€

Fresh pasta fojade
Double yolk, rough and thin, but with the right consistency
served with wild boar civet. 17,00€ - 11,00€

Mantovana pumpkin tortelli
Mostarda, amaretti and nutmeg.
Served with poured butter and Parmesan. 17,00€ - 11,00€

The excellence of Italian Carnaroli rice “Riserva San Massimo”
with saffron, garnished with Sicilian red prawns. - Min. 2 people19,00€

“Salerno Sisters” spaghetti
Italian durum wheat semolina pasta with clams
shelled Adriatic, served with bruschetta crumbs. 19,00€ - 13,00€

Main courses

The suckling pig belly
Crunchy, cooked on the skin with diavola sauce and parsnip foam. 23,00€

The breast of organic guinea fowl
In cooking confit, served with the classic stuffing from Brescia with amaretto, laid on mashed potatoes. 23,00€

The boned rabbit
Cooked at low temperature and then roasted, served with crunchy vegetables and polenta.23,00€

Bertagnì in my own way
Codfish in Storo flour tempura with Garda olive oil.24,00€

The Canadian giant scallops
Roast and place on topinambur cream and truffle flakes.24,00€

The fish catch
We select for you the best fish offered daily on the market.Price based on the proposal


Ice cream made by us
creamed at the moment 6,00€

Our sorbet
Served with the “Sechuan Button” (from the Curaro flower. The “natural Botox”) 5,00€

Gold of the lake
Chocolate lemon with a creamy heart with candied Garda lemon peel 10,00€

Gluten free dark chocolate cake
with chestnut ice cream and persimmon sauce 10,00€

The Balì tiramisu 9,00€

The Pastiser vase
Creamy dark chocolate, crunchy and ... Oil No. 1 of Comincioli 11,00€

And for the curious ...

At the discretion of the chef a tasting of our dishes, consisting of:

4 land-based dishes - ad. 65€

4 fresh water fish-based dishes - ad. 80€

Both tastings are meant for the whole table.